EXPOSURE is a game of intense hiding. Survive in an evolving environment by morphing between light & dark forms to camouflage from your predators.

But be careful: you won’t be able to see yourself either.

Adapt to seeing without looking.

Featuring intuitive controls & unusual gameplay, psychedelic abstract minimalist art & atmospheric soundscapes, entrancing levels & intense bosses, and over 36 unique branching level paths.

EXPOSURE is about losing the ability to see where you are, and learning to feel & know where you’re going.

Move (keyboard or controller)

Morph between light and dark form

Hide in the continuously evolving environment

"It looks like a Mondrian Möbius strip collapsing in on itself, taking Bridget Riley optical illusions and military dazzle camo kicking and screaming with it ... It’s a mix of chill bullet-hell intensity diced with fight-or-flight stealth. It’s intuitive, but weird."

- David Wolinsky, Kill Screen