The Sheep's Meow
Based in New Jersey, USA

Release date:
October 23, 2020

Steam (Windows)


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Base GameFree
Donation DLC   $2.99


Tree Trunk Brook is a tiny adventure game about hiking during the pandemic.

Follow trail blazes, take photos, make friends, and find lost items.

The visitor center is closed, but the trail is open. Social distancing is in effect, and masks are required.


You can be nice to strangers by being a good listener, or by returning their lost items. You can stay in touch with your best friend who can’t come hiking with you anymore. You can’t take anything away from anywhere (except for the litter on the ground).

It’s short and replayable! It’s about getting better acquainted with friendly strangers by seeing them repeatedly.

The environments are sourced from photographs and pieced together like a collage. The trails draw inspiration from hikes in the Northeastern US (specifically NJ, NY, CT, MA). We wanted the place to feel realistic, idyllic, and familiar like a nostalgic memory, all at the same time.

If you’re looking for a short, relaxing, and cozy time, come visit our trails and be friends with our hikers!


  • 3 trails to explore
  • 14 photo locations
  • 10 lost items
  • 11 hikers to befriend


Trailer YouTube, Vimeo




Awards & Recognition

  • "43rd Asian American International Film Festival - Official Selection" New York NY, October, 2020

Selected Articles

  • "I would really like to congratulate you all on your recent masterpiece – Tree Trunk Brook. It was such a simple and heartwarming game. ... The realism in this game is awesome as I myself work in forests and my work is indeed affected by the current movement restrictions so this game makes me feel like I’m in the forest again doing what I like doing best. Thank you very much for creating this game. I wish more game developers will make similar quality games about nature like yours as well."
    - 1StopBorneo Wildlife,
  • "You can tell a lot of love was put into this – there’s just some really cute details that didn’t have to be in there, but make it all more charming."
    - SoTypicallyTori,
  • "I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much to 100% it and then go back for the bonus dialogue but it was quite fun and relaxing to play!"
    - draconnan,

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