The Sheep's Meow
Based in New Jersey, USA

Release date:
October 2013

Site-specific installation


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The Triptych Game is a living and breathing, interactive triptych where the player navigates a dense environment and encounters characters and objects – all of which are inspired by the works of Bosch. This triptych exists in real time where time of day affects its status. This is part of a cycle that will last for 500 years to contrast desires of instant gratification. Simple controls manipulate the camera to pan and zoom. The player, by panning/zooming/clicking, embodies the hand of god.


The Triptych Game was made for the JB500 Foundation in celebration of the 500th death anniversary of Hieronymus Bosch. More information about the foundation can be found here - https://www.bosch500.nl/.


  • Handpainted artwork inspired by the works of Bosch.
  • Field recorded audio from various part of the Northeastern United States.
  • In-game environments that reflect the time of day and the time of year.
  • Custom controller that encases found objects from nature.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Exhibited" Playing the Game: Milan, Italy, 26-27 October, 2013
  • "Exhibited" GameCity: Nottingham, United Kingdon, 22-23 October, 2013
  • "Exhibited" Stedelijk Museum: 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, 11-13 October, 2013
  • "Exhibited" NYC Games Forum: New York City, NY, 24 September, 2013
  • "Exhibited" Boston Festival of Indie Games: Art Show, Boston, MA, 14 September, 2013
  • "Exhibited" IGDA NJ Arcade & Demo Night: Hoboken, NJ, 3 September, 2013

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About The Sheep's Meow

The Sheep's Meow creates games that make you see differently. They are currently developing EXPOSURE, a game of camouflage (Steam & Xbox One) and No Body Home (TBA).

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The Triptych Game Credits

Brian S. Chung
Design & Development

GJ Lee
Design & Development

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